Tutorial: What you need to Understand About the Etisalat 150mb /month imei tweak

, by Laura Ikeji

What you need to understand about the
Etisalat 150mb per month for 12month
This imei tweak is 150mb per month for
12 month. Little tho for heavy user like
me. So a total of 1800mb about 1.8gb a
This imei is not new, so this is not for
lazy lad. Tweak and tweak until you get
it. I tweak about 60times before i get
If you get msg like this the offer was
redeemed to another number. That
means that number has collected the
mb. So move on and keep tweaking
and lastly, i see some people dont know
how to tweak. Its easy. Search the
forum using the search box at the top of
this page.. search for how to tweak and
change imei.
And also those people who has gotten
thiers should help other by dropping last