How to Get N100 bonus for free on Airtel with N100 for weekday also 15mb valid for 7dys

, by Laura Ikeji


Hello naijajedix people's I'm here to tell you people that airtel free promo code has come again with new Christmas gift with it, but so many people didn't enjoy it, I have a massage on my phone yesterday that, Dear customer, Happy Xmas,, To get our new promo that for browsing, Call and SmS simply Dail call 111 then I call the customer service and asked them how to get my promo code for Xmas free gift, so after all they gave me a code like this 56Ed56 that you will use to log in ,just choose any username and use the password them give to for log in required,

Then when you log in choose any code you saw there,
Just minimize or exit the browser and go to Menu first of all reboot your phone then "Power it again " go to your massage writers wrote "JOIN" Send it to 141 after wait for 5sec and you will get a massage that said Dear, customer you have been successfully added to our Xmas free gift, your remaining bonus will sent to you shortly. Then wait for another 5sec and you will check your account bonus by Dailing  *223# you will see this ( the picture..)


Anonymous said...

It's working ooooo I'm now enjoying!!!