Adam Johnson: Read 31 WhatsApp messages heard in Premier League footballer's child sex trial

, by Laura Ikeji

The prosecutor read out some of their 834 WhatsApp messages - including an exchange on New Year's Eve in 2014Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror

Text messages: Adam Johnson, pictured with his girlfriend Stacey Flounders

Footballer Adam Johnson sent a 15-year-old girl a seedy message about taking her jeans off 30 seconds after receiving a picture of his new baby - a court heard.

He pleaded guilty to child grooming and one count of sexual activity - namely, kissing the young girl - on the first day of trial on Wednesday.

Johnson, 28, denies two counts of sexual activity - involving penetration - with a child.


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Bradford Crown Court heard details of messages allegedly sent between Johnson and the 15-year-old Sunderland fan who 'idolised' him before they began chatting on social media.

The prosecutor read out some of their 834 WhatsApp messages - including an exchange on New Year's Eve in 2014.

The girl sent the footballer a friends request on Facebook on December 30th and they exchanged telephone numbers, the jury heard.

Adam Johnson (AJ): "Are you in the last year of school?"

Schoolgirl (SG): "Year 10...will you still send me a signed shirt"

AJ: "Yeh, I will send you one or sign yours. Whatever you prefer"

SG: "Both if you can"

AJ: "Yeh, I can do. Do you want me to sign yours at the game or meet up? Whatever you prefer"

SG: "I don't mind. Good luck with the city match”

When discussing New Year’s Eve plans on December 31 last year, the teenager told him she was going to a family party, the court heard.

AJ: "Where do you go out to?"

Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror

Case: Former Sunderland and England footballer Adam Johnson and his girlfriend Stacey Flounders, leaving Bradford Crown court, in West Yorkshire

SG: "I'm not old enough to go out"

AJ: "Haha but yeh you look old enough. When you 16?"

SG: "People say that all the time. No-one believes me when I say I'm 15"

She adds that she would be 16 in November.

AJ: "Ages then. LOL"

The court heard the pair first met up on January 17th, when he handed her a signed shirt.

SG: "Thank you"

AJ: "You owe me"

AJ: "I thought I would have got a thank you kiss for the shirt"

AJ: "I will get this thank you, it had better be worth it"

SG: "Ha ha it will be"

AJ: "Confident aren't you? Am I only getting a kiss?"


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