John Leslie claims he has been cleared of sex assault as he reveals fury at allegation

, by Laura Ikeji

Victoria StewartJohn Leslie says he has been cleared of the allegations but is furious his name has been dragged through the mud again

Relived John Leslie has said he had been cleared by police over a sex allegation – then revealed his anger that his name had been dragged through the mud again.

The former Blue Peter and This Morning host spoke exclusively to the Sunday Mirror and said police had told him three days ago that he would not face action over claims made by a woman in her early 20s.

Leslie, 50, who had begun to rebuild his career following previous allegations, said: “It’s so clearly not fair. I’m an innocent man and I’m thrown to the wolves.


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“This has been thrown out, but it might still be difficult for me to pick up the pieces and resume my career, but my accuser will retain her anonymity. It’s a tragedy for me.

“My work life was good and my family and I were having the best of times after years of suffering and struggle.”

Mark Anderson

Police outside John Leslie's house

He said the first thing he did after being told by police he was in the clear was to drive to his parents’ house to put their minds at rest.

The claim against Leslie centred on an awards night in Edinburgh on November 19.

He told the Sunday Mirror he and the woman had sexual contact at his house and that she left happily the next morning.

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Leslie also told of his frustration in a prepared statement in which he said: “The police have informed me there will be no further action and I will not be charged.

"While I am glad to be cleared I have served a hefty punishment for a crimethat never was. The damage to my parents and to me is incalculable.”

Leslie says he has been told to collect possessions held by the police tomorrow and he is certain he will receive paperwork this week formally ending the probe.

John Leslie says he's NOT looking forward to telling his daughter about his past

Until then the file officially stays open.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in Edinburgh are continuing to investigate the circumstances following a report of a sexual assault of a woman between November 19 and 20.”

Leslie’s world was turned upside down six weeks before Christmas.

At the time the Scottish presenter was riding high after being snubbed by broadcasting bosses for 12 years over unproven allegations of sexual impropriety.

Radio Forth bosses had offered a new contract and got him to present a gong at their awards do in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall.

After the ceremony he went back to his home with a woman in her 20s who he regarded as a friend.

They spent the night together and parted on good terms the next day.

He put on her coat, scooped her up in her arms, kissed her goodbye and told her that he hoped he would see her again.

Victoria Stewart

John Leslie had started to rebuild his life following the allegations

But hours later, when Leslie went to host his radio show, he was told to go home by bosses because of a complaint. His police nightmare started the next day.

Speaking, an emotional Leslie said: “I was dragged out of my bed by police officers, handcuffed, taken to a police station and detained and held for ten hours while I was questioned.

“When I realised who had made the complaint and what it related to, I couldn’t believe it.

"I was devastated. I thought about her kissing me goodbye, putting her number into my phone. Why do that if I’d frightened her, or upset her?”

After being quizzed for ten hours by police, Leslie returned home confused and angry.

He called his parents and broke the news to them. They too were distraught.

But Leslie’s over-riding emotion was disbelief and shock that the woman was making such a claim.

He went on: “I’d spent most of the day before with this young woman. She’d asked to spend the night at my home rather than returning to a friend’s.

"We’d had a nice time after the awards show. We’d drunk a lot of champagne. I’d spent my last few pounds on a bottle at the after-party, so she paid for the taxi home.

Victoria Stewart

John Leslie says his parents were distraught