How do I Tweak my Android Phone To get Gigabyte and Megabytes

, by Laura Ikeji

How do I Tweak my Android phone To get Gigabyte and Megabytes, I don't know how much you've been recharged on your line I'm here to tell you the light way to get amount of megabytes and gigabyte for just to your phone that you will use for browsing anytime anywhere, just follow this step »»go to your to download MTK ENGINEERING MODE update it on your phone open it Select MTK Settings, when you Open it, it will display something's like And you will swipe it to connectivity when you opened it Go to the straight points While doing this no let your friends near you. Click on the CDS INFORMATION while the procedure on the way to get out the influence Select the Radio Information opened it in sequence and it will shows you Phone 1 Phone 2 Either you want to change the imei through sim 1 you will select it Either you want to select sim 2 for the information go ahead Open phone 1 for sim 1 you will see such thing like this AT THE AT+ put your new Imei at the at+ before putting it makes sure you write down your first imei down before changing it because of caution, or error occurred. Before you put your imei on the AT+ write "E" it Will display this Add it before putting the imei at all you will see SEND AT COMMAND When you send it, it will show And you will reboot your phone for approval of the settings Enjoy!!!!!!! Keeps on coming our website For more news and articles