5 Signs Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You Anymore

, by Laura Ikeji

If a spouse has fallen out of love, the
signs are often obvious, but there are
many reasons they don’t see them,
according to marriage counselor
Kurt Smith. The main reason is
because they don’t want to see the
signs. It’s painful for a woman to say
“my husband does not love me
Smith warned that demonstrations of
affection and loving words on dates
such as birthdays, wedding
anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or
Christmas, are not usually reliable
sources for demonstrations of love.
On those dates, there is social
pressure to display affection so they
may not always be true. True love is
expressed in everyday actions when
there is no commemorative pressure.
He points out the five signs that show
a husband no longer loves his wife
(these points can show if a wife
doesn’t love her husband as well).
1. Holidays and nothing else
If your husband doesn’t give you
gifts on holidays and anniversaries
or even remember them, that would
be a sure sign he has lost interest.
But what if he gives cards and gifts
expressing their love on holidays
and anniversaries and nothing else?
What does that mean? It might not
mean anything, but it may mean
he’s fallen out of love.
2. His behavior is fickle
Imagine that one day he’s angry
saying he doesn’t want to see you,
that he wishes you would vanish
from his life and the next day he’s
embracing you, wanting to make
love. Does this mean that what he
said before wasn’t true? If he doesn’t
suffer from bipolar disorder, this
behavior should alert you to the fact
that he may not be in love with you
3. It’s always you
You are always the cause of all
problems. When you try to talk, he
says you see problems that aren’t
there. When you complain that it
seems that he does not love you
anymore, he turns it into your fault.
This is usually a sure sign that he is
looking for reasons to get out of the
4. He doesn’t like you
He doesn’t praise you, or notice
anything you make. He criticizes
your personality, your clothes, body,
hair, what you eat or your work. In
short, to him you are never good
enough and don’t do anything right.
Even when you do something great,
he reminds you what you did wrong.
He doesn’t encourage you to grow.
If you look back on your relationship
and realize this is a pattern that
happens repeatedly, this should be
5. He doesn’t work at the relationship
You ask him to change an annoying
behavior and he continues to do it.
You ask over and over again, and he
pretends not to hear. You ask him
something and he doesn’t respond.
It’s always you who gives, who
sacrifices herself for the
relationship. You feel sick and tired,
and he seems not to care. This could
be the most obvious sign of a lack of
When we love someone it is difficult
to see their mistakes, and we can fall
into the trap of justifying everything
they do rather than facing reality. It
is very common for a woman to see
this behavior in another woman’s
husband instead of seeing it in her
Signs of true love appear on a daily
basis. You know your husband loves
you if he makes you a priority, takes
care of you, and encourages you.
When he doesn’t do these things, the
love could be gone. It is up to you —
however painful it may be — to
accept it, take care of yourself and
decide what you will do after that.
This article has been translated and
adapted from the original article: 5
sinais de que seu marido não lhe
ama mais.