'Ten blokes watched me and the wife' Emmerdale set swamped by sex-obsessed doggers

, by Laura Ikeji

THE iconic Emmerdale set has been overrun by sex-obsessed doggers – prompting fears filming will have to be postponed.

By Jack Hardwick / Published 26th January 2016


ITVOOPS: Emmerdale has been overrun by doggers

According to a show insider, randy couples are constantly blocking the lanes to and from the set in a bid to enjoy some backseat action.

But that's not all, the surrounding Yorkshire woodland has also become a hot spot for X-rated activites around the clock.

A source on the ITV show explained: “The woods and roads surrounding the set are becoming well known for doggers."

They added to The Sun: “It is the source of a few jokes with the cast that no one wants to pull over on the drive out because they might get propositioned.”

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On an adults only site, the area is advertised as a prime dogging location for some nighttime outdoor fun.

One keen dogger posted: “Eccup is a good location. Lots of woods behind the Emmerdale studios and the reservoir can get busy – 10 blokes watched me and the wife not long ago.”

Another added: “Woods at Eccup – lots of fun to be had. Single women and couples usually on a weekend.”

ALAMYSTEAMY: People are enjoying outdoor sex near Emmerdale

Others appeared to be planning their naughty nights out, revealing: “My girlfriend and I will be in the woods at Eccup this week for flashing fun.

"She is a larger lady who loves to put on a show but no touching guys.”

This isn't the first ITV show to be plagued by dogging issues – the location in Dorset used for the drama Broadchurch was inundated with kinky visitors.

ALAMYNAUGHTY: The Emmerdale cast are avoiding the back lanes near the set