Dear LIB readers; Am I a wife or a slave?

, by Laura Ikeji

From a female r9b reader. Please read below... 

I have been married for a couple of years now. My husband would not lift a pin (yes it's that serious) in the house. He provides financially for the house but anything outside that it's a no no. He would not help out in the house chore, in fact that is even far fetch. He can not even take his dishes to the kitchen after food even if he is the only person at home or having dinner by himself; he will leave the the dirty dishes on the dinning table till morning when I come to pick it up.

I do his laundry,  he won't do it and if peradventure I don't, it's fight. Yea there is a washing machine but he can not even as much as load it with cloth (in fact he has never operated it so I won't even know if he knows how to. 

We have kids o linda, he can't even bath or dress up for any of them talk more of help feed them even the boys. 
Since our 4 years of marriage he has never washed just 1 leg of his socks himself n he wants clean socks everyday. 

He likes freshly made food, so it's everyday cooking n let me add that it's has to be swallow (solid food) everyday. 
And think about fixing things in the house, I have to sort it out. Look for plumber, electrician, some1 to repair the gen, get fuel for the gen e.t.c. 
He even tried adding washing car to my chores if not that I refused. 

And Linda God help me he is dressing up the same time as the kids kai, that 1 na craze o; cos I will be running halter skelter, dressing up for the kids and my husband shouting my socks, my belt, even shoes that he wore a day before I have to start looking for it for him. Pair up socks and pick, no that too much work for him. 

Linda biko na wife I be or na slave? 
Pls post on ur blog and let's see what people think. 

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