Dr marsh: 'A lot medicine is an act'

, by Laura Ikeji

One of Britain's leading neurosurgeons, Dr
Henry Marsh, has told real9jawaparz news media HARDtalk: “It's
one of the ironies of medicine, actually a lot
of medicine is an act and it's something you
learn very early on as a young doctor.
Patients don't want a doctor that says ‘I don't
know I've never done this before'."
"You face this ethical problem right from the
start, the moment you qualify as a doctor.
Suddenly you have to start lying to patients to
some extent; you have to pretend to a greater
degree of competence and confidence than
you really feel you have.”
The best way of deceiving other people is to
deceive yourself, explained Dr Marsh. "It is a
necessary self-belief or self-deception to help
one cope," he added.