Drama as married man asks side chic to take down his photo from her Instagram page

, by Laura Ikeji

@Barbie_davina and @sampala207

On instagram page gisting them selves 

A girl named Barbie-diva on Instagram shared these photos on her page calling the man in the pics her 'bae'. But it so happens that her 'bae' is a married man named Sampala207 on Instagram. All these alakoba side chics. Lol. Anyway, the man reached out to her publicly and asked her to immediately delete the pictures, that he was no 'bae' of hers. Lol. For those who don't know what 'bae' means, it's a term of endearment for your significant other. Doesn't she know he's married? 

Naija wives and the headaches they go through because of social media. Dem no call your husband for ministerial position, na all this kind thing dem dey see him name inside...lol. Continue... 

The girl has still not taken the photo down...lol. 


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