Mourinho 'offered' manager's job in Brazil

, by Laura Ikeji

The 52-year-old was sacked by Chelsea in
December but has now received an 'offer' from
a Brazilian club...
Manchester United may not have moved for
Jose Mourinho yet, but one club in Brazil have
made their offer public.
Ibis Sport Club, a Brazilian team based in
Recife, have published a letter to the former
Chelsea manager outlining their proposal, which
includes a food hamper as his monthly salary
and bonuses for every game he loses.
And if that doesn’t sway Mourinho, there’s also
the clause that he will be sacked if he manager
to guide the team to a title win.
If you hadn’t already guessed, Ibis’ offer is a
joke which was made on December 28 - other

wise known as 'Dia de los inocentes’, the
equivalent to April Fool's Day.
Ibis are also known as the worst team in the
world after going three years and 11 months
without a win between 1980 and 1984.
Em primeira mão, o contrato do nosso
futuro técnico José Mourinho, que já
está aqui em Pernambuco.