Scandals that rocked entertainment scene in 2015

, by Laura Ikeji

Among other scandals that rocked social media
in Nigeria in 2015, fans of popular singer,
Timaya, had something to worry about when
their idol was accused of rape by a relatively
unknown woman resident in the United States of
The woman claimed, in a series of messages
posted on Instagram , the singer had sex with
her without her consent.
Although Timaya denied that he forced himself
on the woman, she went on to produce a
medical report to prove her point. She also
shared a screenshot of the report on Instagram,
which also showed the date that the alleged
offence was committed.
Toyin Aimakhu and husband
Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu reportedly
packed out of her matrimonial home after
accusing her husband, Adeniyi Johnson, of
The award winning Yoruba actress was
rumoured to have sued for divorce when she
found out that her husband was making
advances at one of her female staff. The
worker in question allegedly confessed to Toyin
that had been asking her out for some time.
Not satisfied with the lady’s explanation, the
actress went on to fire her. But Niyi openly
confessed his role in the alleged scandal on
Instagram , admitting that his wife’s claims were
true. Pleading with his wife to give him another
chance, he promised to make up for his actions.
Skales versus Wizkid
Two of Nigeria’s most popular young artistes,
Skales and Wizkid, were at loggerheads with
each other for a while. Both of them engaged in
a bitter altercation on social media that saw
them using unprintable words against one
It started when Skales accused Wizkid of
stealing his idea for a particular beat. He also
claimed to be the writer one of Wizkid’s hit
But Wizkid denied it, claiming that he paid for
the “Azonto beat” even as Skales insisted that
he created it.
Then the award-winning artiste, who was now
embarrassed, went on to tweet, “The dude
wearing fake chains and begging for money. I’ll
help finish your dead career!…Even when the
label wanted to dump you because you didn’t
make one naira for three years, I was there for
Deevee and Olamide
A music producer, Divine Austins, aka Deevee,
who is also the official producer of D’banj, took
to Twitter towards the end of the year to accuse
popular rapper, Olamide, of stealing ideas for
new songs from his boss.
In three tweets, Deevee claimed that Olamide
had been stealing concepts from D’banj’s
recording outlet, DB Records, each time he
visited the place in the past.
Addressing Olamide directly, he said, “With due
respect, have you run out of ideas? Every time
you come to our zones, you always got to steal
some idea. I won’t let this fly.”
The producer went on to provide a link to
‘Shake it’, a song by D’banj, which was one of
the reasons for the outburst on the social media
network. The other song believed to have been
lifted off an original idea by D’banj and his team
was Olamide’s ‘Don’t Stop’.
Olamide, who was named the Hottest Nigerian
Artiste in 2015 by MTV Base at the time, did
not respond to the allegations.