Movie: Affairs of the Heart hits the Cinemas March 11

, by Laura Ikeji

The much anticipated award winningmovie, Affairs of the Heart will begin screening at the prestigious Silverbird Cinemas across the country come March 11, 2016. 


The movie which stars Africa’s leading Nollywood actors like US based Stella Damasus, Joseph Benjamin and delectable Beverly Naya amongst other Hollywood cast is set to captivate movielovers with an outstanding storyline of love, betrayal and the power of goodwill.


The movie which premiered in the Atlanta sometimes recently has remained a major buzz among movie lovers in Atlanta, Georgia and other parts of the US. Since its debut showing in the US, Affairs of the Heart has garnered so many nominations at different movie awards in the Diaspora with the lead actor, Joseph Benjamin winning two amazing awards for his superlative effort.

Directed by award winning director of the soar away 30 Days in Atlanta, Robert Peters, the movie which boasts of a rich story line with in-depth interpretation by the actors is according to the lead actor Joseph Benjamin very ‘educative and informative”

“Seriously it is a movie you don’t want to miss. The storyline is easily relatable because it is one issue many Nigerian’s and other citizens outside the country go through almost every other day. Again it is one movie that affirms the fact that goodwill indeed pays and that evil does not strife” he said.

Speaking on the technical aspect of themovie, the handsome actor assuredmovie goers of the best quality production. According to him “I can assure everyone that is planning on going to see the movie that you will never be disappointed. Not only that the storyline is very interesting, the picture quality is crisp and on point. The production team led by the director paid serious attention to details leaving almost no room for mistakes”

Speaking on his most memorable scene, Eric as he was known in the movie said freedom is something he has come to appreciate. Said he “…I have never been to a prison before but during that scene when Eric was taken to jail, the very moment the doors were shot behind me that moment for me was like a reality check. Eventhough it was a movie, I couldn’t help but begin to appreciate freedom. It was one moment that really got to me and changed my perspective entirely.

The movie since its release in the US has won several awards which includes Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best director at the popular GIAMA Awards in the US. It also won 3 other amazing awards Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor and the NAFCA awards.

Produced by Nevada Bridge productions and Kesco Entertainment, the movieaccording to Neville Sajere, CEO, Nevada Bridge Productions is one production that went beyond just making a movie.

According to him “…from the moment we got the script to while we shooting, I connected with the movie and actually saw this world from another angle through the eyes of Vivienne, the lead actress. It was for me an emotional roller coaster having to bring to the fore one of the major problems encountered by many ladies and guys alike here in the US. Themovie, I can assure is a must watch, one you don’t want to miss.

Produced by Neville Sajere, Affairs of the Heart; a story of romance, trust, betrayal and full of intrigue is the tale of a young, pretty and rich Nigerian-American doctor, Vivienne (Stella Damasus) who visits Nigeria on a medical missionary trip. She falls in love with a handsome male nurse, Eric (Joseph Benjamin). Vivienne returns to the US and uses her influence to have Eric join her. Unknown to her, Eric has a secret that will change both their lives and test their will and character.  

With the buzz that has followed the moviesince its premiere in the US, many movielovers have been sourcing for more information on the movie from such sites likewww.nevadabridgeproductions.comand on Instagram  @nevadabridgepro and also on facebook  @NevadaBridge Company.