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Levi Bellfield DE
The 47-year-old serial killer has filed a legal complaint against Surrey Police, claiming he never admitted to murdering the 13-year-old schoolgirl

Denial: Levi Bellfield claims he never confessed to Milly Dowler's murder

Levi Bellfield has sensationally denied confessing to the abduction, rape and murder of Milly Dowler.

The 47-year-old, who is currently serving a life sentence, has filed a legal complaint against Surrey Police, claiming he never admitted to killing the 13-year-old schoolgirl.

He believes a 'covert tape' may have been used to record his answer in a police interview - and has challenged the force to prove that he did confess to the murder.


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It comes two weeks after police released a statement saying Bellfield had admitted to kidnapping and killing Milly in 2002 for the first time.

Officers said the former nightclub bouncer had made the long-awaited confession while he was being quizzed about a possible accomplice.

But now, Bellfield has denied ever making the admission, it is reported.


Victim: Bellfield has challenged Surrey Police to prove that he did confess to the murder of Milly

The inmate - who was convicted of two other murders in 2008 - claims he is innocent of all the crimes he was found guilty of in Milly 's case.

Bellfield's solicitor, Julia Cooper, said she has written to two senior officials at Surrey Police requesting the tape recording of her client's 'alleged confession' in his interview.

She said Bellfield believes a 'covert tape' was possibly used by the force, adding: "My client denies giving a confession", the BBC reports.

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Surrey Police confirmed it had received a letter from the solicitor, but would not disclose its contents.

However, it reportedly said it stood by its original statement about the killer's confession.

According to The Telegraph, Bellfield's complaint is being taken seriously by the force.

In the letter, he is apparently referred to as Yusuf Rahim - the name he adopted after converting to Islam.

Murder detective Colin Sutton, of the Metropolitan Police, told the newspaper that the murderer was 'playing games again'.


Distraught: Milly 's devastated family publicly revealed details of Bellfield's confession to police for the first time

"He is playing games again, with the police and with the family. I didn't think he could do anything else to make things more difficult and more agonizing for the Dowlers.

"It's beyond even what I have come to expect of him."

Bellfield's denial comes just days after Milly 's devastated family publicly revealed details of Bellfield's confession to police for the first time.

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The schoolgirl's parents, Bob and Sally Dowler, said Bellfield claimed that he kept the terrified girl alive overnight and tortured her before strangling her.

If his claims were true, this means Milly could have been alive when her uncle spotted Bellfield on the night she vanished.

In a statement, the Dowler family said: “ Bellfield provided the officers with a harrowing account of Milly’s final 14 hours.

Levi Bellfield's sister brands him a monster and fears there may be more victims

"Giving details of her abduction, repeated rape, torture and then finally how he murdered her.”

They added: “Bellfield told the police that after abducting Milly and assaulting her at his flat a few yards from Walton Station, he then drove her to his mother’s house.

"He reversed down a long driveway and then raped her in broad daylight... Bellfield then moved her to another location, where the rape and torture continued for a number of hours, until the next day when he finally strangled her to death.”

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Following the Dowler family's statement, Bellfield’s elderly mother Jean rubbished the claims.

She said of the statement: “I don’t believe a word of it.”

Jean's son was given a whole-life sentence for the brutal slaughter of the teenager.

Milly's uncle Brian Gilbertson told the killer’s 2011 trial that he had gone out to look for his niece with a torch in the early hours when she failed to arrive home from school.

Serial killer: Bellfield believes a 'covert tape' may have been used to record his answer in a police interview

Detectives believe it was while he was out searching that he came across the killer on the road in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey where she had vanished just hours earlier on March 21, 2002.

The monster apparently told police last May that he raped and tortured Milly at his home, just yards from the where he abducted her, before assaulting her outside his mother’s house and then taking her to another location.

Detectives told the family about Bellfield’s account because he had told a fellow inmate in Wakefield prison, dubbed Monster Mansion, who was due for release and might make the details public.

The family could only speak out this week after detectives eliminated a suspected accomplice from their inquiries.

They said staying silent had placed 'unimaginable' stress on the family.

They said they hoped Milly’s 'soul, at long last, can finally rest in peace' now that the monster had described her final hours.

The couple met Home Secretary Theresa May last year to discuss their concerns over Surrey police’s handling of the case.

Metropolitan Police/PA

Tragic: Milly was snatched from the street while on her way from school to her home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, in 2002

They said they had had to 'fight every step of the way to get this far' and had written to Ms May in 'desperation' and were seen immediately by her.

Police apologised after Bellfield was jailed for the murder in 2011 when it emerged they knocked on his door in Collingwood Place, yards from where Milly was snatched, 10 times in the days after she went missing but never got a reply.

On the 11th occasion, new tenants said Bellfield’s girlfriend had gone but officers failed to follow the trail.

It meant no forensic evidence was found as the house was not searched until th