Pancake Day 2016: Everything you need to know about Shrove Tuesday

, by Laura Ikeji

The national pancake-munching ceremony is underway - here is our rough guide to make mouths water


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The one day of the year when it's perfectly acceptable to throw food around the kitchen is finally here.

People up and down the country have stocked up on chocolate spread, bananas, lemons and sugar for Pancake Day 2016.

For 24 hours, amateur chefs will be whisking up eggy, milky, pancakeytreats for the friends and family.


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With the nation's collective palates already watering at the thought, we've put together a comprehensive guide for you to enjoy the marvellous invention.

Do you go savoury or sweet? How long should you fry them for? When should you toss it?

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If you don't want to find yourself scraping burnt batter off the bottom of a pan - or worse, the ceiling - then follow these handy tips.

Pancake Day 2016

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What is Shrove Tuesday?

Shrove Tuesday is the day that precedes Ash Wednesday. As it is determined by Easter, for which the actual date changes on an annual basis.

Has your pancake flipping ever gone horribly wrong? Share your videos at the bottom of the article

The name Shrove Tue