Man uses Google auto-predict to write his online dating profile and it's brilliant

, by Laura Ikeji

A man is seen using an online dating site, left, and Aaron Gillies' profile, rightGETTY/TWITTER
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Comedy writer Aaron Gillies, 28, let the search engine predict what he was writing while filling out his profile.
So when he typed "my name is" – and the website predicted he would then write "in French" – he decided to roll with it.
Before long, he'd filled out all the information needed – and it paints a picture of a peculiar romantic.
Now Aaron's profile says he's living in a shed while his body type is – enigmatically – "ready".
What he wants, normally enough, is "someone to share in an adventure" but they must have two thumbs.
His passions include an eclectic mix of long walks on the beach, turtles, dogs and parties.
Aaron Gillies' full Google-made dating profileTWITTER
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And his ideal partner is an alcoholic mechanic who believes that the earth is flat.
Turn-ons include hugging and depression (of course).
While turn-offs are people who block him on WhatsApp and who see him in human form.
Aaron posted the priceless result of his experiment on Twitter, where it was retweeted 18,000 times.
He also generously offered to write a profile for his 58,000 followers for as little as £5,000 an hour.
In November, Aaron – who posts online as TechnicallyRon – went viral with a brilliant list of all the .