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'I can make you vanish' Digital Hitman helps you disappear and start over

FOR two decades he's hunted the world's most elusive people, but now the Digital Hitman will show you how to disappear and NEVER be found.
Frank M Ahearn in front of a map of Europe and photos of inviting locationsGETTY
DIGITAL HITMAN: Frank M Ahearn has hunted people all over the globe
Whether bigwigs fleeing bad business, or victims of abuse escaping their tormentors, Frank M Ahearn knows better than anyone how they stay one step ahead.
And now the author of How To Disappear has talked exclusively to Daily Star Online, revealing his dos, do nots and tops tips for starting anew.
So say goodbye to your old life - it's time to become a ghost.
Frank M Ahearn and his book How To DisappearFRANK M AHEARN
VANISHING ACT: Frank M Ahearn wrote the best-selling book How To Disappear
The first thing to consider is how you'll get the money to live your new life.
Consider what cash-in-hand jobs could keep you going – and avoid just doing the same job elsewhere.
"You cannot be Joe the bus driver in Manchester and disappear to London and be a bus driver," says Frank.
"You will be traced by your driver’s license and earnings."
And don't research where you're going at home – in fact, do the opposite.
"Disappearing begins as an idea and many people daydream on their computer," he reveals.
"They search, apartment rentals in Lisbon, how to open a bank account in Andorra, airfare cost to Fiji and other similar digital trails.
"All those places searched on the home, work, IPad, mobile and other identifiable connections are burned.
"Do massive amounts of fake internet searching, this way when your predator gets your IP searches they are being led astray."
An exotic beach, mountain lodge and rural villaGETTY
WHERE TO: Frank says there is no 'disappearing Neverland'
"There is no Neverland in the disappear world," says Frank – but there are places to avoid.
"The goal is to find a village, town or city you can acclimate and start over.
“You never know who is around next the corner you turn. You must always be prepared”
Frank M Ahearn
"You cannot be an East London tough guy and go live in Port Wenn next to Doc Martin.
"You will be an oddity and the village’s number one search on Google the day you arrive."
If heading to a new country, avoid tourist areas and expat communities – it's the first place people look.
"Everyone has what I call palm tree dreams," says Frank. "They want to disappear to the beach and drink piña coladas.
"People soon discover the beach life is expensive. You must think of disappearing like relocating. You need a roof over your head, utilities, food and other basics
"Be careful when searching because the nice apartment near the beach in Central America – it looks beautiful but the closest hospital is two hours away or it floods during rainy season.
"Go for three months and see if you can build a life there. Have a backup city incase you hate it or your need to disappear again."
A woman escaping a room but a man stands watchingGETTY
HUNTED: Make sure you're not followed on the day you disappear
Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life – the day you disappear.
But if you hope to stay hidden there are rules to follow and things to leave behind.
"Do not carry any technology that has the ability to be tracked," warns Frank, "like mobile phones, laptops or iPads."
If you're flying somewhere, take a confusing route to the airport to keep others off your trail.
"Do not go direct. Take a taxi, then a bus, perhaps then the train to the plane.
"Never fly direct from your old city to your new city," Franks says.
Worried someone will follow you on your journey? Make sure you know where they are.
"For all you know, they are doing surveillance down your street," he cautions.
"If you have a stalker, hire a private investigator to follow the stalker."
"If you are not a criminal, you do not need a fake identity," Frank tells us.
Fake documents are illegal and there are a number of ways they could get caught out.
"Is it a real passport number, does the number match the name, are ten people using this passport?
"The average person has no clue how to determine if the fake/new/purchased credentials are valid," he says.
But you need a story to tell, so he recommends making a fake online digital identity to satisfy people's curiosity.
"For example, you build a business website that sells bowling shoe laces and have business cards made to share.
"But never put your name or photo on the business website," Frank says.
"Most important do not lie too much. Stay as close to the truth as you can.
"Do not embellish or tell a lie someone can prove is a lie."
If you don't want to be found, Frank has one piece of advice.
"Unless it is urgently needed, leave the past in the past," he says.
"People get found by becoming lazy and thinking it's safe, communicating with those from your past and leaving a trace.
"You never know who is around the corner you turn. You must always be prepared to leave again if there is a threat, never underestimate anything.
"There is no one way of getting caught or being discovered. That is the never ending threat that looms."
And before you go, tell one person you trust who can reassure family and friends that you're alright.
He says: "Some may want to go to the police and file a missing person’s report.
"The next thing you know your face is on the evening news.
"You need that one person who can let those close to you know that you are fine."
A businessman departs from an empty flatGETTY
WITHOUT A TRACE: Frank says to leave behind all traceable tech
1. Do not use fake identities
2. Pressing enter, send or download always creates a trace
3. Privacy goes beyond the computer screen, think public surveillance
4. Trust no one in your new disappear world
5. Have two walk away bags, burner phones, prepaid debit cards, maps, etc.
6. If you left it behind leave it behind
7. Think of yourself as virtual with no connections
8. Don't break the law
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